General rules

A copy of the club´s rules is available in the club house office.  A copy of the regulations, which may change from time to time, is on a club notice board.  A copy of both are in the Members Section of this website.

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Regulations Extracts

Security of the clubhouse
Doors in the club house will only be left open at peak times. Members can enter by the main door (the one facing the dome) by keying a number into the keypad. A new number will apply from April 15th. This number will be found with your shoe tag etc. in an envelope on the notice board once subscriptions have been paid. Please DO NOT give this number to any non-member of the tennis club.
If you are the last to leave the club, please check that all doors and windows are shut and that the lights are switched off.

Dress and Equipment
Tennis clothing must be predominately white and shoes should be suitable for tennis with non-marking soles.

Juniors use of the clubhouse
Under 13’s cannot use the clubhouse at any time other than Friday Junior club night, official coaching sessions or unless accompanied by an adult. Juniors aged 13-18 need not be accompanied but could be challenged if they appear to not be playing tennis or causing a nuisance on the premises. Adults are responsible for supervising the children and making sure the premises are secure.

After Junior Club night on Fridays
No juniors are allowed to return to the club unsupervised. CCTV is in operation - be aware!

Child safety
It is important to the club that the children are safe whilst on the club site and when arriving and leaving. For this reason we would ask parents to be responsible for ensuring that children are collected from the tennis club area and not from football area, entry to tennis club or outside the grounds at all times.

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