How to join

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to Walton LTC Membership and we will contact you.

Please include relevant information such as Contact Telephone Number, Age if under 26 years, and your estimate of your standard of play.  Nothing accurate is required, for example:

  • "OK but a bit rusty"
  • "Played for my previous Club team"
  • "Was about average for my previous Club - enjoyed the social life"
  • "Keen to improve my game and need some coaching"
are all recent successful examples.

To join the club you will be invited to a specific "Mix-In" session (normally on a Saturday afternoon) where you will meet and play a few sets with existing members.

Following that the best entry route to the Club will be agreed with you.

For a copy of the WLTC Information Leaflet to print out Click Here